December 2018

The Link Between Latex and BDSM

You are invited to your first party fetish BDSM vinyl and latex. A friend begs you for months to accompany him to this exceptional evening “The place to be”! After enough time for reflection, you are throwing yourself into this adventure! An evening full of emotions and sensations in perspective! But for you, she will be vinyl or latex?

BDSM fetish outfit: vinyl or latex?

  • We often ask the question, choose between vinyl and latex, but the two are totally different (fans will tell you). For the Latex vacuum fetish this is important.
  • The latex is like a second skin, the feeling by wearing this material is extraordinary. To put on your latex outfit, it is necessary to use a special spray to put on it. Naturally matt, all you have to do is shine it with a special gloss spray for the latex.
  • The vinyl appeals to us for immediate shiny and easy to be carried. He is very sexy and lets you get started with a very fetish BDSM outfit.
  • You are free to opt for a complete outfit or to choose some accessories to start.

Tips if you wear latex:

  • Avoid perfumes, essential oils and accessories that could spoil the material
  • If you have long nails prefer gloves to protect your outfit
  • Prefer dedicated products to facilitate the dressing of latex suits
  • Keep your clothes at room temperature away from light
  • To ensure the perfect shine of your clothes choose shine sprays for latex. Any other product could damage and tarnish your outfit.

Feel free to share your tips and experiences or ask your questions

Under latex clothing or latex wear or latex goods called one understands garments that are made of natural rubber or latex manufactured. Latex is identical to rubber. Latex is only the milk of the latex tree. For this reason, one can call the commonly used term rubber clothes for latex clothing as completely correct.

If you have questions, see and you may find your answers.

Production of latex / rubber

First, a pre-treatment by smoking takes place. Rolling then turns it into rubber. Thereafter, vulcanization is performed. This is an introduction of sulfur. The vulcanization stabilizes the material. The final product is then called rubber. The same term is used for the synthetic production of petroleum. The background is that the end product is chemically identical. In order to make a distinction to car tires, and similar products clearly but one speaks of latex clothing.

This site talks an in-depth process of producing rubber.

Function of latex

  • As protection against corrosive or toxic substances. These can be chemicals or gases.
  • Infection protection, e.g. in medicine (gloves, etc.)
  • Pregnancy protection (e.g. condoms)
  • Clothing (e.g. raincoats, but also as a fashion component for handbags, buttons, belts, etc.))
  • Use in BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism), that means in the sexual field like rubber fetishism, Sado-Maso (SM), other sexual preferences

Types of latex clothing

  1. Dipped latex clothing

An example is latex gloves. For this purpose, a mold made of ceramic or metal or glass or clay is immersed in a bath of liquid latex and then pulled out again and cooled and dried. This forms a layer of approx. 0.05 – 0.1 mm. With multiple dives you reach the desired thickness of the latex. A major disadvantage of this procedure is the fluctuating material thickness. This results in different tear strengths. It should also be noted that customization with this latex method is not possible.

Common latex items made in this dipping process include gloves and stockings of various lengths as well as condoms. Likewise the balloons are made in this way.

Glued latex clothing

In the glued latex clothing, the sections of the garment are first cut out of sheets of already finished latex and then glued together using a latex adhesive. It should be noted that the price is usually many times higher than for submerged goods. It is important to note that the strength and thus also the durability of these latex garments made by far exceed the dipped goods by far. The advantage of glued latex clothing is a constant material thickness as well as a consistent strength and durability of the clothing. Another significant advantage is that the tailor can adapt the clothes perfectly to the figure of the customer.

Stitched latex clothing

The sewn latex clothing is also made of pre-cut or pre-cut latex webs for glued latex clothing. As the name implies, the garments are sewn together with a thread. This has some negative consequences for the elasticity. This effect is also not negligible when trying to make the seams variable in length. The background is that these sewn outfits do not yield as much as the glued garments. In addition, each puncture has a negative effect on the durability of the latex. There is always a risk of increased tensile strength.

Color design of the latex

The original color of the latex milk obtained from the plant has a whitish color. The heating leads to the typical light beige rubber color. In addition to sulfur, color pigments are added in the manufacture of the meter fabric. In principle, every color is possible. The most popular colors are black and red. If you buy transparent or white latex clothing, these garments will discolor more easily.

Recommended material thicknesses for latex clothing

The typical values ??of the material thickness are between 0.25 mm and 0.75 mm for dipped material. For glued latex clothing, the most common material is 0.15 – 0.35 mm thick. Larger thicknesses of 0.6 – 0.9 mm are mostly used only for coats and for accessories such as belts. Background is the diminishing elasticity of the material with greater strength. Basically, however, there is latex material up to 2 mm, which is also used for clothing.

Comfort and tear strength

In the manufacturers, the thickness of the rubber in addition to the extensibility is usually regarded as a measure of comfort. For example, stockings are made of 0.35 mm material. Stockings are heavily loaded and offer with this thickness the appropriate tear resistance, which is especially expected on the heavily loaded heels. However, they have a higher wearing comfort when the latex clothing is thinner. For this reason, high-quality, glued pieces are often made of thinner, 0.15 – 0.3 mm thick material. The thinner layer thickness really causes a much higher wearing comfort and especially if the latex garment is also to be worn under normal clothing.

Is lotion a safe alternative for lubricant?

Corrective Slow welcomes you to find options in contrast to mechanical items for a characteristic and natural lubricant we adore it!

The Truth about Lubricants:

Lubricants are in vogue. They are currently various on the racks and present themselves to us all the time in a bright and lively bundling or consoling and pharmaceutical.

However their equation isn’t all pink! To be powerful, a lubricant must ensure a decent “skim” after some time. Nonetheless, the greasing up impact is gotten more often than not through silicones or polymers, which can be reprimanded for nearly a conceivable endocrine disruptor impact. What’s more, since the recipes are water-based, additives are required in the item. Do brands decide on additives without any hazard for endocrine wellbeing? We don’t have a clue! Why? Just in light of the fact that the restorative control does not apply to greasing up gels that don’t need to show their rundown of INCI fixings on the bundling like different beautifiers.

Regular lubricants: they exist!

Buyers are progressively worried about the synthesis of their beauty care products. The Slow Cosmetics has assumed an imperative job in raising open awareness of the thing. Truly, yet here, for lubricants that are an item that is connected to protection, we don’t approach fixings. So we can just uncertainty. One arrangement anyway is receive a characteristic or natural lubricant. Or on the other hand do it without anyone else’s help!

Above all else, you need to ask yourself what you anticipate from your lubricant. In case one searches for a decent coast and a decent solace amid a sexual intercourse without a condom, the decision of the item won’t be indistinguishable one from for a report with condom. Additionally, in case we want to battle against endless vaginal dryness, a reasonable hand crafted item exists yet different adjuvant will become possibly the most important factor. Go to for more info about lubricants.

Common Water based Lubricants

To get as close as conceivable to business water-based lubricants that are good with condoms, you require a formula dependent on non-chafing, delicate, non-oily, and very much saved water. Here is a case of a formula in view of water, aloe vera gel and thickener. Helloclue helps us choose the best lubricant.

Formula: characteristic water-based lubricant

  • Clean all utensils with a little liquor at 70 ° before beginning! Work on a perfect help! For about 100ml of item, plan as pursues. In a bowl very much sanitized already, pour progressively.
  • 4 liberal tablespoons of moderate quality aloe vera gel (Bioflore or Lanzaloe for instance).
  • 5 level tablespoons of packaged mineral water. You can likewise supplant with 4 spoons and 1 tablespoon of additive free botanical water (orange bloom, lemon or blueberry.)
  • 1/tenth of a tablespoon of thickener (you need to draw near to 1 gram).
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin.
  • 6 drops of additive acknowledged in natural (in view of benzyl liquor and water).

Whip everything with a little sanitized whisk, until the point that you get a fluid gel that resembles business recipes. Exchange to a delicate, sanitized jug with a channel. The blend as depicted is kept for about 3 months (more to be completely forthright, yet it is smarter to apply the preparatory rule) away from the quality of light and warmth.

You discover the formula excessively complicated? So observe the formula for making natively constructed flax gel, with flax seeds and water. This extremely “regular” gel is additionally as indicated by some perfect as a lubricant and would be good with condoms.

Characteristic of Oil Based Lubricants

They are not good with condoms, but rather they are anything but difficult to utilize and extremely powerful while being extremely pleasant! The virgin and natural coconut oil initially can be utilized as lubricant for all sauces. It is palatable and smells heavenly coconut! It tends to be kneaded on the vulva, lips or penis, and stays liquid and dangerous for quite a while. Some even remember it hostile to parasitic properties because of a lot of lauric corrosive.

Indeed, in the movies for grown-ups they simply didn’t use as a lubricant, when there was no lubricant available. Nevertheless, this is no motivation to do as such, genuinely. We say that it asks for this reason, however in all actuality it doesn’t.

Oil-based lubricants are the recommended lubricants for mindful masturbation with butt plugs. Some of these lubricants have numbing effects so it is used with dildos to prevent premature ejaculation.

Child oil

In case it appears that child oil is neutral to the point that it doesn’t hurt, once inside, at that point you are mixed up. Infant oil expands the danger of parasitic contaminations, and additionally dad bam decreases the adequacy of the condom.


In case you didn’t have any acquaintance with, it is vegetable fat preparing powder, or, in other words in heating. Since it is likewise oil-based, this substance is additionally not extremely “condom-accommodating”. Similarly, as a lubricant, it doesn’t fit. He doesn’t “slide” extremely well, so for ladies it is cliché futile. Furthermore, since the shortening is as yet proposed for the test, and not for the vagina, because bothering – simply spit. Coincidentally, simply couldn’t care less as well.


Let’s be realistic, we as a whole observed it. All things considered, that is, somehow, such a move was a knight we met in sexual books and 18+ movies. In any case, in truth, the thought is terrible. Above all else, spit is anything but an exceptionally appropriate lubricant – as in it will take a considerable measure of it to have an impact, in a manner of speaking. Besides, as unprotected oral sex, spit can cause disease.

Body lotion

Can you use lotion as lubricant? Alternatives that are always lying some place on the bedside table. For a few people, utilizing these items appears to be a smart thought, since they are likewise intended for hydration. However, saturating isn’t equivalent to oil. Bear in mind that hand cream or body lotion may unfavorably influence the pH of the vagina. Particularly in case it is items with aroma.

Fluid cleanser

In case rationale directs that the purging properties of cleanser won’t harm the mucous, at that point you are mixed up. Similarly as you shouldn’t put fluid cleanser in your nose, you shouldn’t place it in the vagina – it will just chafe delicate skin. For close cleanliness is similarly important to utilize just uncommon devices.


No doubt, wasn’t it for this reason made? No, certainly not for this. Vaseline is utilized for recuperating. It makes a thin obstruction on the skin and isn’t ingested. In this way, in the event that you utilize Vaseline as a lubricant, it will stay on the surface of the vagina. It will likewise be hard to wash it from that point, and the mineral oils in the sythesis of Vaseline can respond with condom elastic.

Coconut oil

Truly, coconut oil is extremely a great instrument in all regards – for hair and skin, yet not for exquisite sex. It takes a shot at indistinguishable guideline from petrolatum: in spite of its antibacterial properties, coconut oil can influence the vaginal greenery and stop up pores, and this will cause skin disturbance. Nevertheless, in case regardless you will utilize it as a lubricant, ensure you are managing genuine coconut oil.

Why Do Women Say Yoni Eggs Are A Must-Try?

The Yoni Egg is a mineral that is used to dissolve and heal pain and tension in the female organs, to strengthen the female, sexual energy flow and thereby increase the overall vitality and this is one of the main benefits of yoni eggs.

Yoni is the word for holy temple, vagina, primal source or uterus in Sanskrit; it is the symbol for the Goddess and the holy mother. The yoni egg was used by the Taoists to exercise and strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor. According to them, the area around the pelvic floor is the source for a healthy, long and happy life. The Taoists originally use eggs from Jade. Jade is known for its purifying and harmonizing effect and thus balances the area around the pelvic floor. The vagina is therefore also called the jade temple within Taoism.


The Yoni Egg helps you to ground and get in touch with your energy, the energy stored in your stomach, in the vagina and uterus, in the power center of the woman. This energy has a strong healing power and brings health and zest for life.

The effects of the Yoni Egg are:

  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and muscles in the yoni
  • Increase the sensuality of the entire yoni
  • Increase the overall vitality
  • Reduction of numbness and pain complaints
  • Increase the sexual flow

In our base, our pelvis, our yoni, blockades can become trapped by memories, negative experiences, unadulterated emotions or beliefs that we have received in our upbringing about sexuality. Uncertainty, shyness, a damaged self-image! Different emotions cannot stagnate our energy and no longer flows completely and freely.

Many women want to feel and express a powerful connection with their femininity. We like to have sensuality in our appearance and self-assurance in our relationships, but we do not know where and how to start. Feelings like; ‘who am I’ and ‘what do I feel’. I dare to open my femininity, sensuality, passion and sexuality. “Let go of what you no longer serve and recharge.” Relax in your body and enjoy with your yoni to learn from your female body free of judgment. Feel feminine authenticity, your energy, and zest for life, joy and your beauty self-confident and in freedom.

According to the Taoists, the area around our pelvic floor is the source for a healthy, long and happy life. By working with a yoni egg and our pelvis, we practice and strengthen our vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The crystals yoni eggs also each have their healing effect. The Taoists originally used Jade because it is known for its purifying and harmonizing effect with which we can create the first balance.

It looks like an egg, but is made of gemstone: the Yoni egg. This rascal owes its name to the word Yoni, which is Sanskrit for vagina, womb or holy temple. And that egg seems to be good for a better sex life. How?

Yoni’s eggs from Jade were used by the first Taoists to strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor. They see this area as the source for a healthy and happy life. Jade is known for its purifying and harmonious effect. In Taoism, the vagina is also referred to as the vagina. Beginners are still advised to start with a Jade Yoni egg. Also sexually wearing a gem egg can do a lot. A strong pelvic floor provides more pleasure and feeling during sexual exertions. A trained pelvic floor also helps prevent incontinence.

For the more spiritual types among us: Yoni eggs because they are made of precious stones are also used to heal emotional tensions, traumas and blockades.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles


Well, by using a Yoni egg you get stronger pelvic floor muscles. You do not see it that well for you? It works like this: you can get a Yoni egg in different sizes, depending on your level of Yoni egg carrier. You generally start with an egg that is about the size of a chicken egg. Here no prop-work, to get the Yoni-egg in (because yes, that goes to your vagina inside), you have to massage the whole first warm. Massage your belly, your groin, your pubic bone and your labia. Next, the muscles around the vaginal mouth, it can be gently massaged with your egg. If everything is well circulated and you are sufficiently excited, let the egg with the convex side rest against the opening of your vagina and wait until the vagina ‘takes’ the egg. For the beginners there are Yoni eggs with a hole, where you can put a string through so that you can easily pull the egg out.

Stronger pelvic muscles can also be achieved through Kegel exercises. This can be done using kegel balls with various designs, the famous of which is the Horror-themed Kegel balls.

Know more effects of strong pelvic muscles here.

Yoni egg exercises

The insertion of the egg was only step 1. Then it is time for the exercises, so your pelvic floor muscles are well trained. Do you know that feeling that you have to urinate, but there is no toilet in the neighborhood, so you just ‘put on’ the stuff to stop it? Well, that muscle – also called the PC muscle – you train with your Yoni egg. This muscle can cause more blood to flow down there and so you can feel even more during sex, and even provide more intense orgasms.

You can use regular yoga exercises, aimed at your pelvic floor muscles. So you can lie down and bring your pelvis up and down. On the magical worldwide web you will find many more Yoni-egg exercises, so you can see which ones you like to do and which do not.

For more exercises, go to


You may find them only very beautiful or perhaps you believe in the power of gems, but Yoni eggs are available in precious stones, each with its own effect. I was of course very curious about such a Yoni-egg and therefore ordered three different sizes in rose quartz peacefulness and unconditional love, amethyst purifying and protective and rock crystal regulates, absorbs and gives energy. Where you can order such a Yoni egg? There are more shops on the internet where you can find these rascals. Now it’s your turn to start practicing with your eggs.