October 19, 2018

The Best Places To Have Casual Sex In London

Sex in the bedroom is great, but it can get a bit vanilla. If you’re looking to make things a bit more interesting and happen to be spending some time in London, you might be interested in some inspiration as to the best places to have casual sex. Whether it’s in the open, or under cover, having some cheeky casual sex in these places will definitely be a laugh. Plan it and make it your mission, or be spontaneous and see what happens but most importantly get creative, and don’t get caught!

1. Top Deck Of A Double Decker Bus

The iconic red buses of London are world famous, and a great way to see London. Hit two birds with one stone and try to fit in a quickie on the top deck of an empty bus as you’re travelling from A to B. You’ll arrive at your destination invigorated and won’t think of the amount that just went on your Oyster Card. Serious bonus points if the double-decker is of the open-topped variety, feel the wind in your hair girl.

2. In A London Eye Pod

Ok, so this is potentially pricey but definitely a great idea. If you’re feeling flash enough, you can rent out an entire pod to yourselves at the Millennium Wheel. That means you’d have the pod for one whole cycle of the Wheel – that’s around 30 minutes! You’d be able to have a lot of fun in that time. Just think of the view! You could have some casual sex AND admire some of the best views over London, day or night. Bear in mind that the pods at the very top of the wheel are temporarily on the same level, and with the pods being see-through, you’ll be fully visible to people in other pods for a few minutes. Not to mention CCTV, but YOLO.

3. On The Bank Of The Thames

Ahh the River Thames. Not quite as romantic as the Parisian River Seine, or as picturesque as the canals of Venice, but it has a certain charm. If the temperature is warm and you’re sure you won’t freeze, there are LOADS of places where there is access to the sandy banks right on the water level on which you could get up to mischief. If you planned your casual sex for night time, you’d have to be very unlucky to get spotted BUT the tides are a big consideration, as the tidal range is huge. Get it wrong and you might end up stranded in the water, but get it right at low water and you can pretend you have a private beach. Laaavely.

4. In A Hyde Park Pedalo

This really could be quite romantic but would depend on getting the time right. You want a nice warm day/afternoon, but not so nice that the lake is packed full of people who could potentially witness you having sex. Assuming you can seize the perfect conditions, you could very easily peddle your way to the centre of the lake (or an empty corner) and proceed accordingly. The pedalos are big and incredibly stable compared to the prettier rowboats (that right there is why we have specified a pedalo. Casual sex that capsizes a rowboat is a bit of a fail really). Take a picnic and make a day of it.

5. In A London Phone Box

This is definitely a realistic option for casual sex in London. Those famous red phone boxes are EVERYWHERE, and all you’d need is a little bit of darkness under the cover of night to see what you can achieve. Probably the most cramped of the places to have casual sex, you’ve got to make compromises somewhere right? Best of all you can call your best friend from the phone box afterward to let them know what happened. Perfect place for booty calls. Just don’t forget bringing the key to your chastity cage during booty calls if you are wearing one.

6. On The Tube

Ever fancied a shag at 40mph? Well, if you head underground to catch the tube and manage to find yourself an empty carriage, be our guest. It won’t be the cleanest experience of your life, and we really do recommend you take hand sanitiser (whether or not you’re planning to have sex) so that you don’t end up with a rash. Mind the gap, and try and last more than two stops yeah?

7. The Natural History Museum

Remember the film ‘A Night At The Museum’? Well, if you’ve got the balls you could recreate it in your own way. Whether or not you get yourselves locked in overnight is yet to be determined. You could find a nice dark, quiet exhibit in the dustier end of the Natural History Museum and do what comes naturally (see what we did there?). This is the most educational of the places to have casual sex if you make your way to the museum you might as well check out some of the exhibits properly!