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Occupation OnScreen - The Clown at Somerset House at 4pm today

by Rio Occupation London on July 28, 2012

Benjamin and Waldemar are the fabulous clown duo Pangaré and Puro Sangue. Benjamin is a clown with no identity, social security number or proof of residence. He lives on the road with his caravan accompanied by the Circus Esperanza troupe. Sick of his life, he sets off in an adventure after his dreams.

Occupation OnScreen - "The Absence That Moves Us" at V22 Summer Club at 8.30 tonight

by Rio Occupation London on July 27, 2012

On Christmas╩╝s Eve, during twelve hours straight and in a single location, five actors were filmed uninterruptedly by three hand-held cameras. The reunion of these five friends, the absences, the joys and the pains are shared by all at the peak of tension. The film within a film reveals itself.


Occupation OnScreen - SouthWest at V22 Summer Club at 6pm

by Rio Occupation London on July 27, 2012

In a Brazilian coastal village where everything seems motionless, Clarice grasps her life in a single day, unlike those she meets and who are living this day like any other. She tries to understand her obscure reality and the destiny of the people around her in a circular time that haunts and disorients.


Occupation OnScreen - Programme of selected shorts at Somerset House at 6.30pm

by Rio Occupation London on July 27, 2012

Picolé, pintinho e pipa; Ensaio sobre cinema, Handebol; Tá; Duelo antes da

Directed by Gustavo Melo, Allan Ribeiro; Anita Rocha da Silveira; Felipe Sholl;
Alice Furtado

Brazil, 2007-10. 90 minutes approx.

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