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In The Comfort of Your Own Home - Cristiane Jatahy's Installation will be running in Gallery 2 at the Festival Finale

by Rio Occupation London on July 31, 2012

Several lucky Londoners won the chance to host a Rio artist in their home.  See the full installation by Festival Director Cristiane Jatahy during the Festival Finale.

Festival Finale - Day 1 on 1st August at V22 Summer Club

by Rio Occupation London on July 31, 2012

Some things to look out for:

Look back from the future to where we are now!

Bruno Viana will create an art installation in which the public will see the results of a future excavation during the London Olympics 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Using irony to subvert the values of archeology that fetishises the "unique", "authentic" and "original" in an object in order to impose a logical hierarchy of civilizations, Bruno shall create a debate between current and future Rio and London.

An installation with videos, objects and photographs (produced realistically, but contextualized in the future) will invite people to look differently at their relationships with the past of these two iconic and historic cities.

Local Producer: Elizabeth Lynch 

You can find Bruno's witty and subversive view of what is to come at the
Festival Finale at V22 Summer Club.  All day on 1,2 & 3 August


Filmmaker Bruno graduated in Cinema and completed a masters in Digital Media at New York University.

A filmmaker with a strong interest in interactive media, Bruno released his first work as a director in 1994 with a short Geraldo Voador, which won awards for best film, best director, best photography and best editing, in addition to widespread praise from 10 international and national cinema festivals including Gramado, Brasília, RioCine, Festival Cinema Festival of Chile and of New york. 

With the award for best film with the lowest budget from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, he directed his first long Cafuné, launching commercially in digital media and in 35 mm. He released the film based on the Creative Commons licensing rules which means it is free to share via the internet and other mediums. In 2009, Bruno released Ressaca, by mounting the film live in front of the public; an unusual way to premier your work.

Occupation OnScreen - last chance to see at Casa Brasil in Somerset House

by Rio Occupation London on July 31, 2012


A festa da menina morta (The dead girls feast)
Feature Film
Directed by Matheus Nachtergaele
Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, 2008. 110 minutes

The Dead Girl`s Feast narrates the story of Santinho, a young man who has been exalted to the position of a saint in a remote riverine community of the upper Amazonas state, after performing a “miracle” upon the suicide of his own mother. The film seeks to be an intimate picture of the ones who are involved in this sect and of the infinite human capacity of “fabricating” faith and seeking for some sense in the horrifying experience of death.


Ressaca (Hangover)
Live Edition
Directed by Bruno Vianna
Brazil, 2009.

Followed by Q&A with Bruno Vianna

Hangover tells the story of a teenager, from the puberty to young adult years, during the late eighties in Brazil, a time when the country was also going through an economic and political adolescence. His family will suffer the consequences of the boom of economic plans, crisis and economic currencies. We believe that the scheme proposed for the project mirrors the social puzzle of those times.

Occupation OnScreen - free screenings at Somerset House at 4pm and 6.30pm

by Rio Occupation London on July 30, 2012


4.00 pm

Riscado (Craft)
Feature Film
Directed by Gustavo Pizzi
Brazil, 2010. 85 minutes
Presented by representatives from the film

6.30 pm

Paulo Camacho shorts

That’s that
(Brasil/Brazil, 2004)
35mm, 16min

The film is a blow. Everything is fake: he characters, the plans, the beginning... A game to burn out the ends.

(Brasil/Brazil, 2005)
 35mm, 11min

Paulo doesn't dream anymore. He sees his father sleeping and starts his day. Everything seems to be dazed and confused as he tries to figure out where he lost his ability to dream.

(Brasil/Brazil, 2008)
Digital SD, 23min]

A film about 5 seconds.

French Kiss

(Brasil/Brazil, 2008)
Digital HD, 8min

A portrait of a couple who faces what has no solution.

Six movements to say goodbye
(Brasil/Brazil, 2009)
Digital HD, 6min

(Brasil/Brazil, 2012)
Digital HD, 14min]

She is alone. An empty apartment and the floor.

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