October 28, 2018

6 Weird Porn Genres To Check Out

Porn, like people, comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and, uh, flavors. Most of us are familiar with the tried and true types of adult action out there, from your standard MILF stuff to college girls to feminist porn, but what about the more fantastical and weird porn categories that people are getting off on IRL?

According to statistics released by Pornhub in 2015, “giantess” porn is one of the fastest growing porn genres, with searches for the term increasing by 1,091 percent since 2014. Although a lot of giantess porn features women of otherworldly proportions, an article in Vocativ explains there’s a whole world of porn that deals with size shifting. Folks known as macrophiles get hot from the oversized, and those known as microphiles get off on the undersized.

Granted, what women enjoy compared to what guys like can vary, but I think a lot of hetero-leaning ladies would be into oversized things (if you catch my drift), and given the popularity of the The Smallest Penis Pageant, it works the other way, too!

So if you’re looking to watch porn that isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill adult cinema, or just curious about the wacky stuff that turns people on, try these unique porn genres on for size:

1. Cake Crush Porn

Babes in various states of undress sit on cakes. Voila! Cake crush porn.

2. Kaiju Porn

Kaiju are a kind of Japanese monster — the infamous Godzilla is one — and in kaiju porn, these fantastical baddies get down with some serious interspecies action.

3. Tentacle Porn

Another Japanese invention, tentacle porn stems from some early print erotica that featured octopi and other agents of the sea getting fresh with females.

4. Menstruation Porn

Hooray for body (and bloody) positivity! Period porn is a genre all its own, and one can only hope that it leads to the destigmatization of menstruation juuuust a little bit — but that might be wishful thinking.

5. Object Porn

Whether you have an object fetish or merely like to see folks putting household objects where the sun don’t shine, object porn can fulfill all of your inanimate needs.

6. Wetlook Porn

Like it sounds, “wetlook” porn features folks getting drenched in their clothes. Something about the taboo of getting your outfit soaked just seems to get the juices flowing.