October 15, 2018

12 Of The Strangest Kinds Of Porn That People Search For

People are different, and almost everyone has a few fantasies that they’re not exactly proud of. The world of twisted pornography is always just a click away though, so whether you have oculolinctus and like licking people’s eyeballs, or you’re more ‘normal’ and just like your run of the mill clown porn, it’s all on the internet for your hound doggin’ ways.

Here are the strangest kinds of porn that people search for.

1. Yiff Porn

Yiffy features people from the furry fandom lifestyle indulging in some animalistic humping. It’s basically people dressed as furry animals (the women are called vixens) getting it on. No judgement here.

2. Occult Porn

This kind of porn involves overtones of magic and the paranormal. Performers dress up as wizards and witches and pull out a lot more than just rabbits out of hats. Guess what they use instead of wands.

3. Japanese Newscaster Porn

They like to get weird in Japan, obscenity laws be damned. As bizarre as it seems, newscaster porn has a certain beauty and determination to it. Women dressed as legitimate news anchors try to tell the news while the men around them do unspeakable things to these women.

4. Bear Porn

Bear porn is made up of a whole lot of things, but the main requirements are that the guys have to be hairy, middle aged and overweight. The perfect combination.

5. Felching Porn

This one’s nasty. The online definition of this kind of porn is that it “involves drinking (via suction / soda straw) recently ejaculated semen from the vagina or anus”. I hope they at least used one of those twirly straws.

6. Menstrual Porn

Also known as ‘Red Rhapsody’, this kind of porn features women who are menstruating, and focuses, pretty graphically, on the menstrual blood. Sometimes you shouldn’t go with the “flow”.

7. Fish Porn

Forcing fish to suck on your penis isn’t a nice thing to do, but in porn it is! There’s a whole bunch of videos of humans behaving very badly with all things aquatic. Dolphins, eels, turtles, nothing is spared.

8. Cumming on figurines

This is as real and as strange as it gets. There are literally hundreds of videos online of men masturbating onto popular toys and figurines. Barbies, GI Joes, whatever you want covered in semen, there’s a video out there for it.

9. Clown Porn

These pornos are like a children’s birthday party gone horribly wrong, but hey! Clowns have lives too you know. There’s really not much to explain about this kind of porn, it’s basically clowns banging and squeezing more than just their rubber noses.

10. Toothless Granny Porn

Thank you internet for ruining almost everything. As expected, this genre of porn is just plain whack. It’s basically centered around old women having sex while waving their dentures around. Is nothing sacred anymore?

11. Milking Porn

This kind of porno features lactating women being milked or milking themselves. In fact, according to some major websites, this genre of porn isn’t even niche, it’s highly searched for!

12. Santa Claus Porn

Exactly like clown porn except the entire theme is Christmas and the gifts are questionable. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Bad Santa’, you have like a tiny idea of what goes in these videos.