October 2018

6 Weird Porn Genres To Check Out

Porn, like people, comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and, uh, flavors. Most of us are familiar with the tried and true types of adult action out there, from your standard MILF stuff to college girls to feminist porn, but what about the more fantastical and weird porn categories that people are getting off on IRL?

According to statistics released by Pornhub in 2015, “giantess” porn is one of the fastest growing porn genres, with searches for the term increasing by 1,091 percent since 2014. Although a lot of giantess porn features women of otherworldly proportions, an article in Vocativ explains there’s a whole world of porn that deals with size shifting. Folks known as macrophiles get hot from the oversized, and those known as microphiles get off on the undersized.

Granted, what women enjoy compared to what guys like can vary, but I think a lot of hetero-leaning ladies would be into oversized things (if you catch my drift), and given the popularity of the The Smallest Penis Pageant, it works the other way, too!

So if you’re looking to watch porn that isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill adult cinema, or just curious about the wacky stuff that turns people on, try these unique porn genres on for size:

1. Cake Crush Porn

Babes in various states of undress sit on cakes. Voila! Cake crush porn.

2. Kaiju Porn

Kaiju are a kind of Japanese monster — the infamous Godzilla is one — and in kaiju porn, these fantastical baddies get down with some serious interspecies action.

3. Tentacle Porn

Another Japanese invention, tentacle porn stems from some early print erotica that featured octopi and other agents of the sea getting fresh with females.

4. Menstruation Porn

Hooray for body (and bloody) positivity! Period porn is a genre all its own, and one can only hope that it leads to the destigmatization of menstruation juuuust a little bit — but that might be wishful thinking.

5. Object Porn

Whether you have an object fetish or merely like to see folks putting household objects where the sun don’t shine, object porn can fulfill all of your inanimate needs.

6. Wetlook Porn

Like it sounds, “wetlook” porn features folks getting drenched in their clothes. Something about the taboo of getting your outfit soaked just seems to get the juices flowing.

12 Of The Strangest Kinds Of Porn That People Search For

People are different, and almost everyone has a few fantasies that they’re not exactly proud of. The world of twisted pornography is always just a click away though, so whether you have oculolinctus and like licking people’s eyeballs, or you’re more ‘normal’ and just like your run of the mill clown porn, it’s all on the internet for your hound doggin’ ways.

Here are the strangest kinds of porn that people search for.

1. Yiff Porn

Yiffy features people from the furry fandom lifestyle indulging in some animalistic humping. It’s basically people dressed as furry animals (the women are called vixens) getting it on. No judgement here.

2. Occult Porn

This kind of porn involves overtones of magic and the paranormal. Performers dress up as wizards and witches and pull out a lot more than just rabbits out of hats. Guess what they use instead of wands.

3. Japanese Newscaster Porn

They like to get weird in Japan, obscenity laws be damned. As bizarre as it seems, newscaster porn has a certain beauty and determination to it. Women dressed as legitimate news anchors try to tell the news while the men around them do unspeakable things to these women.

4. Bear Porn

Bear porn is made up of a whole lot of things, but the main requirements are that the guys have to be hairy, middle aged and overweight. The perfect combination.

5. Felching Porn

This one’s nasty. The online definition of this kind of porn is that it “involves drinking (via suction / soda straw) recently ejaculated semen from the vagina or anus”. I hope they at least used one of those twirly straws.

6. Menstrual Porn

Also known as ‘Red Rhapsody’, this kind of porn features women who are menstruating, and focuses, pretty graphically, on the menstrual blood. Sometimes you shouldn’t go with the “flow”.

7. Fish Porn

Forcing fish to suck on your penis isn’t a nice thing to do, but in porn it is! There’s a whole bunch of videos of humans behaving very badly with all things aquatic. Dolphins, eels, turtles, nothing is spared.

8. Cumming on figurines

This is as real and as strange as it gets. There are literally hundreds of videos online of men masturbating onto popular toys and figurines. Barbies, GI Joes, whatever you want covered in semen, there’s a video out there for it.

9. Clown Porn

These pornos are like a children’s birthday party gone horribly wrong, but hey! Clowns have lives too you know. There’s really not much to explain about this kind of porn, it’s basically clowns banging and squeezing more than just their rubber noses.

10. Toothless Granny Porn

Thank you internet for ruining almost everything. As expected, this genre of porn is just plain whack. It’s basically centered around old women having sex while waving their dentures around. Is nothing sacred anymore?

11. Milking Porn

This kind of porno features lactating women being milked or milking themselves. In fact, according to some major websites, this genre of porn isn’t even niche, it’s highly searched for!

12. Santa Claus Porn

Exactly like clown porn except the entire theme is Christmas and the gifts are questionable. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Bad Santa’, you have like a tiny idea of what goes in these videos.

Porn Genres You Should Check Out

One of the best things about the internet is the huge amount of free porn available. Anyone with a mobile device, computer, laptop or tablet can find endless pornography material. Since the person can do so from any place they choose, it makes even better. Being able to see hardcore porn movies in private is unbeatable. People can masturbate to whatever kind of hardcore porn content they desire. There are those who enjoy jerking off to animated porn GIF images. Others spend hours masturbating while looking at hot sex pictures. But, the vast majority who have high speed internet, choose hardcore porn videos.

No matter what kind of porn format you select, the material is there for you to check out. Still, there are many porn categories you may not have never heard of. Or you may not have been aware they existed. This compilation contains several porn genres guaranteed to get you hard or wet.

Couple Porn:

While there are those who would love to do a three-way, most people stick to sex between two. The couple porn category will deliver tons of great hardcore porn videos you can enjoy. One of the best thing about this genre is that many of the porn movies, are real. They are amateur hardcore porn movies uploaded to sites by users. Couple porn can be wide ranging though since you have lesbians who are couples. Plus, there’s the granny porn hardcore videos featuring a mature woman and younger person. The interracial couple porn and mom and step-son are also worth checking.

Vintage Porn:

Millions of people all over the world enjoy classic cars, old furniture and vintage porn. This category contains the best in vintage tits and pussy. Of course you will also find some big vintage cock. Hardcore or soft porn in this genre is anything that was produced in the 80s or earlier. While the video quality may not be as great, the production was. The majority of the vintage porn movies were filmed for theater release. That is why the production in vintage porn hardcore films was so much better than those of today.

Celebrity Porn:

What can be better than being able to see famous pussy and cock? There are many celebrities who have been caught on tape engaging in all kinds of nasty and wild sex. The celebrity sex tapes are typically leaked online. In other cases, they are done so by hackers or the celebs themselves. No matter what, seeing famous women such as Kim Kardashian getting fucked is the best. You can also see sex pictures and porn GIFS of many other celebrities.

Squirt Porn:

The squirt hardcore porn genre is extremely favorite by porn lovers. The category contains hardcore porn videos of women who squirt juices, cum, piss and everything else out of their pussies. One can view all types of squirting videos such as lesbian squirt, anal squirting and squirting orgasm hardcore porn movies. Be warned though. The women in this genre let it all out and can squirt for a long time.

Homemade Porn:

Everyone loves reality Television since they can connect better with what is happening. That realism love phenomenon applies to adult material. The homemade porn category has a large following. Millions of hardcore porn movies can be found. From busty MILF anal homemade porn to blonde white wife taking a black cock. The possibilities in this genre are infinite since anyone can contribute. Those who love to fuck or be fucked, record the sex acts and upload them to share with the world. The real homemade wife and lesbian sex movies are among the most popular.

Ethnic Porn:

The soft and hardcore sex images, sex GIFS and porn videos in ethnic porn are endless. That’s because this genre covers hardcore porn movies from countries all over the world. This is where you can find Indian porn babes, hot Russian pussy, French maid cunts, Arab horny women and countless others. Depending on the country or ethnicity you want to see, the porn is there. British porn, German pornography and Brazilian hardcore porn movies are others to check out.

Blowjob Porn:

All men in the world will appreciate this genre. After all, getting a great blowjob is what most men desire. But, when that’s not possible, the next best thing is to see hardcore porn videos of others getting one. Plus, those who want to learn how to suck a big dick can find tons of blowjob porn movies to help them. The amateur blowjob or double blowjob porn videos typically rank at the top. So do the Japanese blowjob or seeing a gorgeous MILF sucking on a cock.

Babysitter Porn:

Most people around the world have either had a hot babysitter or known one. At the same time, they fantasized about fucking them. Whether she was a hot teen babysitter or a tempting mature woman, the end result is the same. Fucking a naughty babysitter ranks at the top in fantasies. That is part of the reason there is so much great hardcore porn movies in this genre. You can find porn videos featuring lesbian babysitters or a babysitter threesome. The busted babysitter hardcore porn movies are worth viewing.

Types of porn categories that will satisfy viewers

Well, the internet has become boon for us because it is providing a lot of benefits in terms of sex, porn, and other things. You will able to download the porn videos in the fraction of seconds. However, nowadays, you will able to choose the sexual content according to your choice. As per researchers, more than 72 million people are downloading the porn videos on a regular basis. If you want, then one can stream porn videos that are an additional benefit. With the help of Rio’s erotic adventures in London blog – NSFW grab bundled of information regarding porn videos.

Types of porn categories that will satisfy viewers

Porn is an art that is providing a lot of benefits to the user. Nowadays, everyone is watching the porn because it is providing enough relaxation to the body. You must watch porn according to your requirements. There are lots of porn categories available, so you must choose the best category where you can find high-end content. You should watch the porn in the private browsing. With this article, we have listed the most popular types of porn categories.

  • Amateur Porn

You will find plenty of categories, and amateur porn is one of them. Yet, it is one of the most popular categories where one can find amateur porn girls videos. Nowadays, most of the girls prefer amateur videos because it is providing enough satisfaction to the body. According to professionals, performers are providing the amateur videos themselves. Make sure that you are watching the best porn video that will satisfy your sexual requirements.

  • Cartoon porn

Nothing is better than cartoon porn because it is providing enough satisfaction. You must opt for the best website where you will able to find the great cartoon porn. Bear in mind that, you can easily access the cartoon porn from anywhere and anytime.

  • Audio porn

It is a third most popular category that utterly depends on the audio. You will able listen sexual audio on the website. Therefore, you must opt for the best erotic audio is based on the lusty message. It is a reliable option because one can easily listen to the audio porn with headphones.

  • Porn For gay

It is completely similar to the lesbian category. In this section, one can watch gay porn that is imaginable. You can watch the gay porn videos without spending a single penny.

  • Mature porn

No doubt, millions of people prefer mature porn videos than other ones. You will find, hot and nude porn stars in this category. Nowadays, most of the adults prefer to watch mature porn videos than other ones.

  • Threesome

It is one of the best categories where you will able to find more than three girls. One can enjoy this category with their partner. However, you must opt for the Rio’s erotic adventures in London blog – NSFW where one can find a lot of porn videos.

Moving further, these above-mentioned are the most popular categories. With the help of these categories, you can grab one of the best videos.